So you’ve done your research and you’ve decided that it’s time to try magic mushroom. But how to take shrooms in a responsible and respectful way? Psychedelic mushrooms have been used as recreational drugs. But to many cultures these trips are sacred journeys of the soul. We’ll be your guide and show you how to consume shrooms for self-healing.

There are two main ways to consume magic mushrooms. Eat them or drink them. The latter is more common since most people have access to dried psilocybin mushrooms rather than fresh. Some have also tried smoking shrooms but this is not an effective way to ingest the psychoactive chemicals.

Another way to take shrooms is to microdose. This is the most effective way to consume magic mushrooms even on a daily basis. The amount of psychedelic substance is so small that you will not experience trip-like hallucinations, but you will still get all the benefits of psilocybin mushrooms.

After you’ve prepared your shrooms, how you set up your space is as important as how to consume shrooms. Your physical surroundings, your mindset, and also the people you have around you, will all contribute to the energy of your shroom trip.


Making Shroom Tea and Other Magic Mushroom Elixirs

How to take shrooms in a teaPreparing dried shrooms in a tea is one of the most popular ways to drink magic mushrooms. Just make sure you don’t quite let your water reach boiling point because heat can destroy the psilocybin molecules.

Don’t forget a splash of fresh lemon which many say helps the psychedelic trip come more quickly. (But may also make the comedown faster too.)

You can also make a magic mushroom and honey elixir. This not only makes a sweet drink, but also helps to preserve the shrooms.

Feel free to add in other herbs and ingredients like ginger or turmeric to make the drink exactly how you like it.


How to Consume Shrooms with Food

How to consume shrooms with foodIt’s also quite easy to simply straight up eat your shrooms. They are especially tasty if you can get them fresh from a home grow or from foraging.

If you foraged for wild magic mushrooms, make sure you know how to properly identity them. And clean them under running water or with a mushroom brush. Most psilocybin mushrooms grow on cattle dung which actually increases antibiotic resistance. But still, you probably don’t want cow pat pie in your mouth.

Magic Mushrooms have an earthy flavor which some people don’t like. So you can pop some stems and caps into an omelets. Other ideas on how to take shrooms are on a pizza or mixed into pasta.

Basically, just put magic mushrooms into any dish or snack you would normally have culinary mushrooms.

Do not bake or cook your shrooms for longer than 30 minutes. Anything hotter than 190-degrees F will destroy the molecules in the mushroom that cause you to trip.

Also, do not mix other perception-affecting substances when you are on shrooms. This includes some medication, alcohol, and even cannabis. The brain altering effects of psilocybin will be enough without other chemicals to compete with.


How Much Shrooms To Take

But whether you drink or eat your shrooms, watch out for how much of them you take in one sitting. There’s really no way to know how much psilocybin is in your fresh or dried shrooms. If it is your first time to try them, we urge you to err on the side of caution.

Start your first journey with no more than just 1 to 3 grams of dried psilocybin mushrooms. This moderate does is usually enough to go on a trip that can last up to six hours.

To take the guesswork out of how to take shrooms, we recommend you apply for microdosing. This way, you receive pre-measured capsules of dried and powdered magic mushrooms. This allows you to take shrooms regularly without the psychedelic effect. Perfect for those who wish to consume shrooms for self-healing and therapy.


How to Take Shrooms: Setting Up Your Space

How to take shrooms with friends

Even more important than how you ingest magic mushrooms is the environment and state of mind you take them in. 

We believe that shrooms are ancient plant teachers and should be given respect. They have messages to show us and give us so many benefits physically, mentally, and emotionally.

In parts of Mexico where psilocybin are still taken as communion with the gods, the magic mushrooms are served by a shaman or respected elder. In some communities, entire families will take shrooms together as a rite of passage and to mark important moments in life.

There is no one correct way to take shrooms, but these suggestions can help you consume shrooms safely and have a meaningful journey with them.

  1. Take shrooms on an empty belly. This will help your body absorb the psychedelic chemicals better and also minimize the effects of nausea if you get them.
  2. Take a shower, wear nice, comfortable clothes, relax, and clear your head before you start your journey.

  3. Set a personal or group intention for the trip. If you journey with others, ensure you feel safe and comfortable with them. You may or may not have a trip-sitter present to oversee you through the hours.

  4. Have snacks and drinks easily available for the duration of the trip. Also make sure you know where the nearest clean toilet is in case purging happens, especially in the early parts of the journey.

  5. Wherever the trip takes you, ride with it. All trips, even those which may be labelled as “bad trips” have something to reveal to you.

When the journey ends, you may need a few more hours to rest and reintegrate back into the world. You can either do this by yourself or with your fellow psychonauts.

Use this time to journal, create, or meditate on your experience.



Alice in WonderlandThere are several methods how to take shrooms and it really boils down to your preference and intentions. Whether you eat magic mushrooms or drink them, set up your external and internal space to be ready for the valuable messages you may receive on your journey.

Most trips will last several hours, and you may need several hours more to recover. If you don’t have such time and you still want to know how to consume shrooms, you can microdose instead.

With a microdose of psilocybin, you don’t need a whole day or two for your communion and journey. You can take a capsule in the morning and go about your day just as you would normally.

You may be generally happier, more relaxed, and even more creative though.

Go ahead and apply for microdosing with us and we’ll connect you to trusted third-party suppliers who value magic mushrooms just as much as we do. 

We’ll continue to guide you every step of the way to ensure you get only the best advice on how to take shrooms through psilocybin microdose capsules.