Unless you grow your own psychedelic mushrooms, you probably get your shrooms in dried form. It may make you wonder if smoking shrooms is possible. But before you take out your rolling paper, take a step back and think about the difference between magic mushrooms and herbs that are normally smoked like tobacco or cannabis.

There are many reasons why it’s not a good idea to smoke dried shrooms. We’ll go over them and suggest other possibilities for you to enjoy your psychedelic mushrooms to enjoy their full benefits.

Whether you want to consume shrooms for tripping or for self-healing, smoking them is not the way to go. Instead, consider brewing them into a tea or even apply for microdosing which will allow you to commune with these ancient plant teachers daily.


How Can You Smoke Shrooms?

Smoking shrooms is easy. Take a few grams of dried up magic mushrooms, crush a little bit of it, and roll the pieces into your joint or tobacco hand rolled cigarette.

But is it worth it?

Those who have tried it have reported their experiences on sites like Reddit where they shared that they felt little to no effects of the psilocybin. Many just felt nausea.

The main reason why  you will not likely get any psychedelic effects from smoking a magic mushroom joint is because heat breaks down psilocybin. The heat required to break down this chemical is lower than the heat produced by a flame.

The combustion point of psilocybin is 180°C. Joints and cigarettes burn anywhere between 500-900°C.

Lighting up dried shrooms kills the very ingredient that causes hallucinogenic trips and journeys. 

If you think that putting psilocybin into a joint will create milder journeys, you will more likely just end us wasting some perfectly good magic mushrooms.

Nevertheless, debates based on anecdotal shares still persists, especially on online forums. Some who claim to smoke shrooms regularly say that it does indeed enable them to trip. They also say that this kind of journey is milder than when the shrooms are ingested. 

Plus, they say that smoking removes the flavor that many who eat magic mushrooms do not find appealing.

If you are looking for ways to ingest shrooms without the earthy taste, and get a milder trip. We suggest applying for microdosing instead. With carefully pre-measured psilocybin capsules, you can consume dried shrooms regularly for self-healing without psychedelic journeying every time.


Why Smoking Shrooms is not a good idea

The question isn’t really “Can u smoke shrooms” but should you even try?

Aside from wasting a few grams of dried mushrooms, when you smoke shrooms, you also put your health at long-term risk.

Unlike tobacco leaves or cannabis buds, shrooms are fungi. You run the risk of inhaling microscopic mold spores that may cause inflammation and infection. Especially if you have a mold allergy, lung issues, or weakened immune system. 

Instead of straight up smoking shrooms, some psychonauts suggest smoking a little weed before communing with magic mushrooms. The effects of this combination vary depending on the type of cannabis you smoke, and the amount of psilocybin you eat.

But even this is not a recommended way to use either psilocybin or cannabis as the plant healers that they are.

Cannabis and magic mushrooms are both powerful teachers that, when treated with respect, can open up your mind to higher vibrations.

Although it is not necessarily wrong to consume psychedelics recreationally, there is a whole ‘nother realm to explore when you begin your self-healing process with psilocybin as a powerful gift from the gods – just like many of our ancestors.


Better ways to consume Magic Mushrooms

Now that we’ve established that smoking your magic mushrooms is not the best way to get psilocybin into your system, here are other ways you can take shrooms. These methods will give you better effects for your self-healing and journeys.

1. Eat them fresh

If you have access to fresh psilocybin mushrooms, simply eat them. If you harvested indoor or outdoor cultivated shrooms, ensure that they fruited in sanitized conditions with no contaminants. If you have freshly foraged mushrooms, ensure that what you are consuming are indeed psilocybin shrooms.

2. Eat them in psychedelic delicacies

Under carefully monitored temperatures, you can cook magic mushrooms in pizzas, omelets, chocolates, pasta, or even in honey. This is a great option if you’re not too fond of the earthy taste of fresh shrooms.

3. Drink them in a tea

Another popular way to consume magic mushrooms is to brew them in an infusion. Make sure your water is not quite boiling so that you don’t heat away the psilocybin.

If you want the hallucinogenic effects to kick in faster, you can add some fresh lemon juice into your shroom tea. This is Lemon TEK – the vitamin C in the citrus is said to intensify the trip, although it could also potentially make your comedown faster.

4. Microdose with Psilocybin Capsules

You can control the amount of psilocybin to take with pre-measured capsules that are perfect for microdosing. This way, you can regularly consume magic mushrooms to receive their many health, psychological, and even spiritual benefits, without their hallucinogenic effects. 


So, can you smoke shrooms? Yes, it’s possible. But with more efficient and ceremonial ways to commune with these mushrooms, why risk wasting the gifts of this precious healer?



Think twice before you question, can u smoke shrooms. While technically, it is possible, is it really worth the risk to your lungs? Plus, most of the psilocybin will be burned away anyway?

Psilocybin has been a healer for humankind for thousands of years. Many ancient cultures regarded them as gifts and children of the gods. They have tremendous powers to heal and open up your mind to higher vibrations of existence.

As allies for self-healing, rather than smoking them, apply for microdosing with us and be connected to trusted third-party psilocybin capsule suppliers who share this view with us to treat magic mushrooms with respect and reverence.