Divine purpose x 10

What brings us here?

What is the meaning of life, and specifically, what is the purpose of my life?

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions: Welcome to the community of souls whose mission is to bring each other home through discovering deeper connections and meanings!

Together, we are searching for the meaning of life and for our deepest soul’s purpose.

One of the few certainties about the true purpose of our existence is undoubtedly discovering your special gifts and then sharing them with the world.

You are meant to find your divine purpose in this life, but you are not meant to do it by yourself. There are so many ways you can find external help that facilitate you in digging deeper into your soul’s purpose and one of them is to apply for microdosing products that have the power to connect you with your most authentic self!

Let’s explore further the importance of it and how we can accomplish finding soul purpose!

Why it’s Important to Discover your Soul’s Mission

As unfortunate as it may sound, if you don’t genuinely look for what makes your heart sing with happiness, you might be doomed to a life of unhappiness.

One of those lifestyles when you don’t really live, you just exist.

Where you wait for the weekends while you count down the minutes, hours, days, and seconds.

Where you wake up on Mondays with a gut ache wishing you were doing something else.

Where you come to the realisation that you neglect the now, living for the pleasure of future moments instead.

You can cut yourself off from others, feel isolated and empty, or go through an existential crisis.

You could harm yourself by losing touch with your reality, your authenticity, and your mission, but that doesn’t mean there’s a problem with you.

Of course, you can always work on improving yourself to make your life better!

You can detach from others and hide into your unsatisfied cocoon or instead, you could discover your divine purpose which will enable you to lead a meaningful life that will assist to enhance both your physical and emotional well-being.

As a result, you’ll be able to live cheerfully, freely, and completely. You’ll want to get up early in the morning to start doing what you were put on this Earth to do.

You’ll truly come to understand that finding your authentic gifts will bring you closer to discovering your divine purpose!

Nature has gifted us incredibly powerful tools and medicines that allow us to have shortcuts when it comes to discovering deeper and more authentic versions of us. We don’t have to do all the work by ourselves, we can accept nature’s help and navigate the depths of our soul. Shroom microdosing is an incredibly powerful tool that gives the opportunity to have more clarity, therefore evolve and dig deeper into one’s life mission with much more ease.


What brings me here?

If you’re in the process of finding soul purpose, you may have asked yourself few self-reflective questions such as:

How come I’m here?

What is the point of this existence?

How can I find my divine purpose?

If you’ve ever asked yourself these existential questions I’m sure you might feel excited and curious, as well as scared and confused.

The good thing is that you’re not the only “crazy person” asking these deep inquiries of yourself! The majority of us do – we’re all curious about life, our place in the universe, our purpose, and our responsibilities as humans living on this planet.

You are on the correct route if you ask these questions to yourself on a regular basis or even if you have just once. It implies that you are inquisitive, a seeker, and you are looking for life’s deeper meanings.

If you don’t ask yourself these self-reflective questions already, you can start now. Having this urge is always a blessing and it will take you places.

These types of questions are relevant at all times.

Shrooms have the power to make you dig so deep within your conscious mind, that asking yourself deep, self-reflective questions will become so natural.

When asking yourself existential questions you begin to think deeper and navigate through the power of your mind, giving yourself answers that you didn’t even know were residing inside you.

You might try asking yourself more in-depth and detailed questions to help you discover your genuine purpose.

Finding soul purpose doesn’t have to be difficult…

Finding soul purpose doesn’t have to be a burden on your mind or heart; rather, it should be like playing an exhilarating game that ignites a deep sense of excitement in you.

Be kind to yourself and don’t take things too seriously. It’s okay to not have everything worked out just yet! Be gentle to yourself at all times because we weren’t born knowing everything!

Your divine purpose is hidden within you, take finding your purpose as a fun game that you can play with your innermost spirit!

Try answering these simple and enjoyable questions while on shrooms – since microdosing awakens deeper layers of you, filled with more clarity – it can reconnect you with your actual self.

1. What was I drawn to as a kid?

You are like a blank white sheet when you are born. When you get older, things like your birthplace, relatives, upbringing, classmates, education, and environment all immediately add pigment to that white sheet.

Someone else paints the blank piece of paper when you start living in this world.

Your true self steadily disappears, replaced by conditionings and society.

The system wants you to be what your friends and family think of you, which is why you frequently assume that you are aware of who you are.

This is a profound and really significant question.

Your white piece of paper was effectively blank when you were a child, before society and conditionings could seize it and start adding their own colour schemes. Therefore, if you try to recall what you were truly drawn to, what you adored, and what captivated you, you might find the connections and discover extremely intriguing paths towards a passion that has been lost ever since.

2. As a grownup, what sparks your enthusiasm and passion?

Okay, you’re an adult now and no longer a child. Both what you have become and your childhood interests and experiences are significant.

What exactly is it that you really enjoy?

Going to the movies, gathering with friends, reading a book, or offering assistance to others…?

Try to recall daily happenings that bring a grin to your face, from the simplest to most significant events that have occurred in your life. You’ll become more focused and aware of several things about yourself and your passions.

3. What do you consider to be significant in your lifestyle/what are your founding principles?

Another very significant question to ask oneself is this one, as well as a subject to consider. Sure, passions and desires are important, but what about your values and principles?

What actually matters to you?

There must be something so dear to your spirit that you strive to battle for. Maybe you’re passionate about helping individuals, about a precious cause, a culture, or a way of thinking.

Write everything down and envision what it means to you deep within your heart.


How Can I Find My Divine Purpose?

The following ideas could be helpful to you:

  • Writing
  • Having a thriving perspective
  • Aiming for your objectives
  • Analysing your interests
  • Seeking outside assistance
  • Taking good care of yourself
  • Giving thanks
  • Exploring

All these tips can be practised while on shrooms. Daily microdosing will increase clarity and give you more lucidity when it comes to taking action, getting epiphanies and receiving answers from your deepest spirit.


One of the most effective ways to communicate with your inner self is through writing. It is the simplest method of getting in touch with your soul. When you journal, a part of you that you certainly didn’t even know was there, pops out and expresses itself.

Writing will support the visualisation of your internal connections.

Merely responding to the previous questions is a good place to start, as it outlouts your emotions and your dreams. When it comes to keeping a journal, there are no restrictions. Your soul will begin to flow once you engage with your innermost spirit.

Having a thriving perspective

Your mental process is a really important part in finding soul purpose. How can you expect to improve if all of your thoughts are filled with negative emotions or beliefs about yourself?

Try transforming this mentality into a compassionate, expanding outlook. Learn to be aware of your thoughts and the things you say to yourself so that you can change them into a constructive dialogue.

You can only attract positivity if you think positively.

Aiming for your objectives

It will take time and effort to reach your objectives; you must be sincere in your aspirations and do the required work. Create a to-do list, establish some targets, and take action! You can begin with just 10 minutes every day., but if you consistently and willingly work towards it, you will undoubtedly see improvements.

Analysing your interests

Your interests can be explored and analysed; they don’t have to be confined to a piece of paper. Whether it’s something you’ve always wanted to do but have never had the chance to or whether it’s something you absolutely adore doing but aren’t sure you will, this will offer you hope that you can build a better future for yourself. Being sincerely passionate about what you do is incredibly important, motivating, and exciting.

It doesn’t have to be something you’re hoping will lead to your dream job; it might just be something you do for fun or to inspire yourself.

You will never work another day in your life if you do what you love.

The law of the universe states that your happiness will always result in prosperity.

Seeking outside assistance

Sure, you can always do the work alone, but there are occasions when having an outside guide can help you get where you’re going, more quickly.

You can attend retreats, use herbal remedies, tryout vastness of plant medicines, – They’re extremely potent resources that can assist you to process trauma, understand your spirit’s unique destiny, and help you find your authentic strengths.

Taking good care of yourself

When you look after yourself, the universe will answer! Don’t undervalue the importance of caring for yourself!

You may abandon yourself while you’re feeling down, hopeless, and existentially uncertain.

How can you expect to attract your ideal life if you don’t feel good in your own skin?

Do whatever it takes to fill your cup up, such as taking a bath, sitting in meditation, dancing, creating art, or even simply sleeping.

Giving thanks

Giving thanks is uncommon. It’s so simple to concentrate on what’s wrong, what’s lacking, or what you want to improve, but what if you could instead concentrate on what you already have?

Try it out and observe how your life will evolve over time.

You can choose to make a list of everything for which you are grateful or to set aside some time each day for repeating encouraging words. There is no guideline; simply look at your existence with gratitude.


There are various approaches to discovering your gifts outside the emotional and connected part.

It can be quite motivating to research and deeply explore what you genuinely believe can be a good fit for you. We frequently have no idea of the endless options that exist.

A little bit of investigation can really open your eyes and offer you inspiration for the future.

Try making connections by reading over your handwritten notes again, thinking back to your childhood interests, and identifying the hobbies you are most committed to.

Then, try looking into all the employment prospects associated with that, so you can discover which ones make you feel the happiest.


Finding your Divine Purpose is a Long Term Goal

Finding soul purpose is not a simple objective.

But what makes it even better is that there is no limit to finding soul purpose!

Once you get into digging deeper into your gifts, it will automatically meld with your interests and with what makes you and the rest of the world joyful, and you will find yourself in an endless journey filled with beauty and intention!

Finding your divine purpose gives more meaning to your life and you can always find more meaning to it once you begin this transformational journey back to your truest self.

To explore more and more into your soul’s mission, you can also apply for our microdosing products or simply read some of our encouraging and educational words!

Finding your divine purpose is a blessing, and we wish you to grow and succeed in doing so!