Figuring out how much shrooms to take can be tricky. Many factors can make dosing with psilocybin difficult. In this guide, we’ll answer your frequently asked questions on dosing, how much shrooms to take, and more. 

How much shrooms should I take?Psychedelic mushrooms have different potency levels between species. Some have more psilocybin in their caps, while others have them in their stems. Fresh and dried shrooms and the way you prepare them will also have varying effects.

When it comes to answering how much shrooms should I take, we like to err on the side of caution and say take the minimum needed in the beginning. Especially for first-time journeys. If you do not feel the effects of the psilocybin, you can always take a little more.

We want to help avoid the unprepared go on a heroic dose from taking too much shrooms too quickly.

You also have the option of microdosing, which is at the opposite end of the dosing spectrum. With pre-measured dried psilocybin capsules, the guesswork of how much shrooms to take is removed. The amounts are so minute that you can microdose regularly without feeling any psychedelic effects, but still get all the benefits that magic mushrooms can impart.


How Much Shrooms Should I Eat For My First Trip?

This is a very responsible question to ask. And we’re here to help.

Less is more when it’s your first trip with magic mushrooms. There are simply too many factors to take into consideration to be able to accurately measure how much psilocybin you will ingest just with the weight of the shrooms.

A general rule of thumb you may follow is 1 gram of P. cubensis to start with. Observe the effects for an hour, and take another gram if needed.


How Do I Eat Shrooms?

You can eat magic mushrooms in so many ways! 

Those who don’t mind the earthy flavor of natural mushrooms can simply pop them fresh into your mouth. Dried ones will need more chewing, but can also be eaten this way.

How to Eat ShroomsBut for those who don’t find the taste of mushrooms alone too appealing, you can toss them into your favorite pizza or pasta dishes, onto salted crackers, or into any dish that normally uses culinary mushrooms. 

Just be careful when working with psilocybin mushrooms in the kitchen not to expose them to high heat or leave them on the stove or in the oven too long.

Aside from eating shrooms, you can also blend them into a smoothie, steep them into a lemon tea infusion, or add them into any yummy no-bake sweet dessert.


How Much Shrooms Should I Take Regularly?

Magic mushrooms for us are not just a recreational drug for tripping. We honor them like many of our ancient ancestors did, as messengers and children of the gods. They truly have wisdom to share with us when we commune with them with respect.

Experienced psychonauts know that you cannot trip on shrooms daily. It is the nature of how psilocybin interacts with your brain receptors. Increased use of psilocybin increases leads to rapid tolerance

So you should space your journeys with magic mushrooms at least one week apart.

However, it’s more important that you do the work in-between journeys to integrate the insights and messages the shrooms shared with you.

How much shrooms to takeSome trips are more abstract than others. Some may help you feel the unity and collective consciousness of the universe, while other journeys will give you a good look into your shadows.

This is the real magic within magic mushrooms. They will show you what you need and it’s up to you to integrate their teachings.

If you want to commune with shrooms regularly to gain the mental and physical health benefits of magic mushrooms without the psychedelic trips, we recommend microdosing.

With psilocybin microdose capsules, the guesswork is removed from how much shrooms should I eat. You can consume shrooms this way every three days, or even daily.


How Long Do Shrooms Stay In My System?

The answer to this question depends on how much shrooms you ate, how you prepared them, and even your age and metabolism will play a factor in how long it will take for shrooms to kick in and how long they will stay in your system.

In general, your brain receptors will begin to feel the effects of psilocin in your system about 30-45 minutes after you eat shrooms.

Most journeys will last for about 6 hours with a comedown of 3 hours. 

Many will feel like themselves again in a day.

Psilocybin is expelled from the body quickly and only expensive hair follicle tests will detect their use even after 90 days. 


What Should I Do If I Accidentally Take a Heroic Dose?

During the trip itself, there’s really not much you can do except release and allow the experience to happen. If you are anxious about the journey turning into a bad trip, you can minimize the amount of sensory input by wearing a soft, comfortable blindfold and headphones playing soothing music or nature sounds.

If you are journeying with a group, you can assign a trusted person to be a trip sitter, who will not eat shrooms with the group and guide anyone who might have taken too much psilocybin.

Heroic DoseFor experienced psychonauts, taking heroic doses of magic mushrooms can be a transformational spiritual experience. But it is not something that many can go into unprepared.

To prevent accidentally taking a heroic dose of shrooms, follow the guideline of taking the minimum amount of shrooms possible, waiting  a bit to feel the effects, and only take more if necessary.


Asking questions like how much shrooms should I eat or what is a heroic dose versus a microdose shows that you are responsible, ready, and willing to do the needed research before you commune with psilocybin.

Because the actual dosage of psilocybin is difficult to determine when you eat fresh or dried shrooms, it’s always better to start slow and small and take more shrooms only if you don’t feel any effects after an hour.

If you want to eat shrooms more regularly without developing a tolerance towards psilocybin or going on a psychedelic trip each time, click on apply for microdosing right now.

We’ll walk you through the steps of getting pre-measured microdosing capsules from trusted third-party suppliers. This way you get to take back your power of self-healing and consciousness with the help of magic mushrooms.