Modern technology allows us to grow magic mushrooms from the comfort of our home without the need to forage through the forest or a cow field. We’ll tell you exactly how to grow your own shrooms and sow mycelium with mushroom spore syringes.


Mushroom growing kits are widely available online.

Unless you’re confident in the quality of the materials from your supplier, however, you might end up with contaminated substrates and growing environments, or even mushroom syringes that contain nothing but water.

It can be much more cost-effective to start from scratch rather than buying a mushroom growing kit. But the process of growing from psilocybin spore syringes is long, requires skill and patience.

You might approach this as a preparatory meditation to connect yourself to the spirit of the mushroom before communing with it for journeys or daily medication, which can be a beautiful part of your healing and growth process.

You also have alternatives to purchasing psilocybin spores such as psilocybin pills for microdosing.

They are safe, tailored to you, and you can easily apply for microdosing online.

Are Mushroom Spore Syringes Legal?

Mushrooms grow in nature and technically, it’s not criminal to purchase or make your own mushroom syringes to cultivate your own mushrooms.

With that being said, psilocybin which the active chemical in magic mushrooms causing the psychedelic hallucinations, is banned in many countries.

However, psilocybin spore syringes themselves do not actually contain psilocybin. This only appears during germination of the spores when mycelium starts growing on your substrate.

So, a mushroom spores syringe which suspends the spores in water are legal since they do not contain psilocybin yet.

A psilocybin spore syringe is different from a liquid culture or magic mushroom grow kit already containing psilocybe cubensis mycelium. The psilocybin in the already existing mycelium makes them illegal in many areas.

Denver, Colorado was the first US city to decriminalize magic mushrooms. Many other cities have followed suit with more countries around the world seeing the value of having psilocybin available to those who choose this plant medicine.

We may find very soon that magic mushrooms will be accepted as a valuable therapy, plant teacher, and healer for adults who choose to commune with this natural entheogen in more places around the globe.

We envision a time it will be even easier to apply for microdosing online to gain access to magic mushrooms for self-healing and conscious growth. The benefits that people report are truly enormous – microdosing can assist with personal and spiritual growth, creativity, focus, self-love and can help fight depression and anxiety.

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How to Prepare Your Mushroom Spore Syringe

Always start with a clean, working area. Disinfect your hands and sterilize any surfaces, containers, and materials that will come into contact with the mushroom syringe and the spores.

When you purchase your mushroom spore syringe online, you can store it in the refrigerator. When you are ready to start inoculating your substrate, take it out 12 hours beforehand.

Mushrooms are fungi and every species needs a particular type of substrate. This is either soil and manure or compost mix with nutrients that are most beneficial to the type of mushroom you want to grow.

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Some growers keep it simple with brown rice flour and vermiculite as a substrate. Other possible mix options are:

  • Pasteurized horse manure
  • Coir – coconut fibre extract
  • Whole brown rice
  • Used coffee grounds

You can either spread your substrate on a tray, called a monotub, which is easier and can make a bigger yield; or divide them into sterilized half-pint glass jars to diversify your colonies and minimize the risk of cross-contamination ruining all your work.

A single psilocybin spore syringe contains millions of spores in sterile water. Usually, only 3 millilitres of spore solution is needed to colonize one litre of substrate.

To colonize your substrate, first sterilize the syringe needle with a flame and drop a few millilitres of solution in every corner of the mushroom substrate in the monotub or in each jar.

Keep the inoculated substrate in a dark, damp area, away from direct sunlight but still get exposed to the day and night cycles.

In a few days a white web like substance will start to appear. This is the mycelium. When the whole monotub is covered with mycelium, you can transfer them to a grow chamber to start the fruiting process.

Next Step: Harvesting, Preparing, and Preserving Shrooms

In about one or two months, if all your equipment and fruiting conditions were optimal, you should have your first harvest of magic mushrooms.

Harvest your fruits 5-12 days after they first begin to sprout from the mushroom substrate before they reach their full growth. Psychedelic mushrooms lose potency as they mature.

Drying is the best method to prepare and preserve your shrooms. This keeps them potent for two to three years if stored in cool, dark area. They may even last indefinitely if you freeze them right after drying properly with a dehydrator.

Refrigerating fresh psilocybin mushrooms makes them go bad in a few weeks.

Your dried shrooms may be used in ceremony, psychedelic journeys, or for daily self-microdosing.

An Easier Way to Get Psilocybin

Being able to colonize your own mushroom substrate with psilocybin spore syringes and patiently waiting for them to grow and fruit for months can be a meditative, educational, and rewarding experience.

But we know that not everyone has the time and resources to grow magic mushrooms from home, even with the mushroom spores syringe technology and educational sites available today.

For decades, growing shrooms at home was the only way to get a regular supply of this valuable medicine. But microdosing daily with your home-grown dried mushrooms can be hit-or-miss.

If you harvested your shrooms too late, you may not get the full potency of the psilocybin.

If your substrate, jars, mushroom syringe, or other equipment were compromised, you may have a bad batch of mushrooms – which can be toxic if you don’t pay attention to the signs of contamination.

That’s why we feel it’s much easier to microdose with pre-made psilocybin capsules. These products are measured with the exact amount of psilocybin needed for your personal dosage and can be taken daily with no prep-work involved.

Go ahead and apply for microdosing with us. We don’t like to rush things, but it’s also a much simpler process than preparing and inoculating mushroom substrate with mushroom spore syringes.

Microdosing truly provides all of the amazing benefits of mushrooms but without the hallucinatory effects.