Before you go on a magic mushroom ride, did you prepare for things to do on shrooms? A trip can last from six to eight hours. We want to help make your trip as fruitful as it can be. So keep reading for tips to have a great experience from the prepwork to your shrooms comedown and beyond.

Prep and Shrooms ComedownEvery trip is different. You may experience bliss, peace, anxiety, clarity, fear, dissonance, or universal love. We believe that shrooms are teachers who come from the earth and show us exactly what we are ready for – whether we know it or not.

The level of psychedelic experience you may have can vary depending on the amount of psilocybin you ingest, you state – both physically and mentally, and your unique body chemistry.

You also have the option of microdosing which allows you to reap the benefits of magic mushrooms without having to go on an hours-long journey.

No matter what journey you receive from the magic mushrooms, allow us to offer a few suggestions on things to do on shrooms.


Prepwork Before You Take Shrooms

When you go on a vacation, you will likely prepare a few things before you go. Proper clothes, currency, maybe even an itinerary. The same is true for shroom trips and preparing for your shrooms comedown.

Whether you decide to go on a solo journey or trip with a group of psychonauts, you should get ready for the hours of communing with the “children of the gods.” Here are our suggestions:

Prepare The Space – Both Inside and Out

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor or outdoor journey, create a sacred or special space by cleaning up and removing unnecessary clutter.

Place visually interesting pieces of art like a mandala or lava lamp in the space. Just remember that different stimuli to your senses will affect and inform your journey.

If the space is somewhere you haven’t been before, make sure you and everyone in the journey knows exactly where the toilets and nearest exits are. This can be essential if you need to purge in the first parts of your trip.

Even if you are with a group, set aside an area that will be your personal space. You may join the others during the trip but it’s good to have a place to retreat to whenever needed for privacy.

Make your space cozy and just the way you like it. Have a comfortable, warm blanket or shawl and a meditation cushion or pillow. A few personal items to give you security can also be helpful. 

Once your external surroundings are set, prepare your internal space by clearing your head in the hours before the journey. Avoid stressful situations and conflict and ensure you are well-rested.

Choose Music For A Playlist For the Trip And Shrooms Comedown

You may or may not want to play music during your trip. If you do decide to have a soundtrack in the background, try to select the songs beforehand. It may be difficult for you to manipulate your music player once the psilocybin kicks in.

Everyone will have their own musical preference. You will want to try to play music that will enhance the experience without affecting it too much. Here are a few tips to guide your choices:

  • Avoid songs with lyrics or in a language you understand.
  • Slow melodies and ambient nature sounds have a calming effect.
  • Drums can be grounding but fast beats, especially when accompanied by rattles, shakers, didgeridoos, jaw harps, and other chaotic and tribal instruments may raise your heart rate.
  • Instruments that play soft melodies like stringed instruments, pianos, or flues have a soothing and familiar effect on your system. They are useful for the shrooms comedown portion of your soundtrack.


Five Things To Do on Shrooms

Your space is set and you’re ready to commune with the shrooms and go on the trip. Here are five things to do on shrooms to make your experience as rewarding as possible.

Thing to do on shrooms: journaling

1. Write

Keep a journal in your personal space to write in. Bear in mind that words may be incomprehensible after the trip or you may not be able to form words at all.

But if you are able to record your experience as it happens, your journal can provide valuable insight and help you remember what the plant teacher had to show you.

2. Create Art

Things to do on shrooms: create art

Writing may be challenging because it requires your logical, sequential mind. But art comes from your right brain which is more open and free during a psychedelic trip.

One of the great things about creating art during your journey is your inner critic is generally less vocal and you are free to create anything in any way you want, just like a child.

3. Group Song

If you are journeying with a group, you might find it adds a sense of unity to use your voices together.

You don’t even have to sing a particular song, chant, or melody. Just make sounds together and see where your harmonies and disharmonies take you.

Things to do on shrooms: enjoy nature

4. Enjoy Nature

If you journey outdoors, take the time to appreciate the wonders of nature. Watch the waves on the shore, lay down to look at the stars or clouds, feel the grass, sand, or soil on the ground.

Reconnect yourself with the earth which modern life has disconnected us from.

5. Meditate

Some people like to journey with a group, or get up, dance, make noise, or do whatever helps them merge their inner world with the external reality. But it also brings a different quality to your trip to resist the impulse to move and socialize and simply close your eyes to be still.

Meditating while on magic mushrooms can be especially useful if you are microdosing. With such minute quantities of psilocybin, you won’t get a psychedelic high but the overall feeling of peace may stay with you throughout the day.

Take advantage of this serenity by meditating in it.



There are many tings to do on shrooms. It takes some prepwork to set the right space and set your mind for the journey but that effort will pay off to help you get comfortable to go with the flow.

From the communion to the shrooms comedown, it can be an enlightening hours-long experience. But it can be equally rewarding and satisfying to microdose on psilocybin.

You can write, create art, dance, sing, meditate, and enjoy nature without being in a psychedelic state.

Apply for microdosing right now to find out how magic mushrooms can benefit your life. We can guide you every step of the way and show you things to do on shrooms for self-healing, to supplement therapy, or for general quality and enjoyment of life.